What does it do?

The Wahoo Elemnt is a GPS tracker that helps you stay on course and hit your riding targets whilst in the saddle.

Why do I like it?

The maps are really intuitive and easy to follow with precise street mapping, turn by turn navigation and an easy-to-read screen. The device seamlessly connects with your phone and other platforms like Strava through a simple Wifi and Bluetooth connection. As soon as I walk through the door and my phone connects to wifi, my ride has already been uploaded before I’ve even taken my helmet off. It connects with other products like the Wahoo cadence monitor and heart rate monitor to give you a really holistic overview and this level of awareness has been really helpful in my training for Manchester to London. During your ride you can flick easily between data screens and route map without having to dangerously spare too much attention whilst riding. I feel like with this device, the knowledge of my cycling style and where it could improve has increased substantially. It’s a fantastic training tool.

Even better if?

Perhaps all the fantastic features compromise battery life. I haven’t used it to ride a distance of over 60 miles yet so not sure how long it lasts for exactly but I imagine on a 100 miler you would run pretty low and I wonder if it would last the distance.

On the whole

This is an impressive tool from Wahoo and has the potential to really disrupt the GPS cycling tracker market. The sophistication of the maps has really impressed me. Anything that reduces my chances of getting lost so dramatically definitely has my vote.

The Wahoo ELEMNT