Rapha has published this awesome infographic to display the statistics of their global Women’s 100km event a couple of weeks ago.

They also gave a shout out to a group of women in Dubai who rode their 100km at night on a race track in order to avoid the desert’s 40°C heat, the group of women from Guernsey who decided to form their own club off the back of their Women’s 100 ride, the ride across New Zealand’s Waikato region in near-freezing conditions that included a couple of fence-hoppings, and a ride in the UK that included an impromptu cyclocross skills clinic from Claire Beaumont when the route took an unexpected turn across Epsom race course. They also commended those women who who completed the challenge during Ramadan, adding a further level of difficulty to their challenge.

Read our account of the Women’s 100 here. 

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