My mum and I are training for a 100km ultra marathon on the 11th July. The event is called Race to the Stones and will take us along the Ridgeway, one of England’s oldest trails. Mum, or Ais, is raising money for The Friends of Charing Cross which is a charity that helps improve patient and staff health and wellbeing at Charing Cross Hospital where mum was once a cancer patient herself.

Attempting this distance, even at my own 31 years, is scary enough, and mum, as a 64 yr old certainly has her own concerns – as much as she is excited. Until mum started training, she hadn’t run longer than 8km in 40 years. Here is a training update on how she is feeling with just under two months to go.


“59 days to go and mild panic overwhelms me and it’s not about the training – it’s about all the other stuff. For example the fundraising. I don’t seem to have time to get to grips with it along with running a business and training for the massive distance I have signed up for.

Then there’s the right nutrition when I’m training. I’ve never been on any kind of diet in my life so I’m having to research nutrition – Am I eating the right stuff? There is so much to learn – it’s not just a case of getting fitter and running – everything is so scientific. And don’t speak to me about equipment – headlamps for night running, vests for carrying stuff, socks with or without toes, will I or won’t I change shoes mid-race. Then there’s my body – will I have blisters and bleeding toes or chaffing thighs?

I think I should get some competition practice in so I’m looking for a race to use as a trial. One of my biggest challenges is food and drink on the go. I’ve got to get in some practice running, eating and drinking as I’ve no idea how this will work on the day other than I know I must refuel regularly. Perhaps I should do this by walking up the hills – slow down, save energy and refuel.

On the other hand my training is going well and I have improved in the last four weeks. If I continue on at this rate then I will get to the end of the trail, maybe not running all the way but at least some of it. I’ve only missed one session so far and I’m managing strength training as well as various running sessions. I travel abroad a lot for work and thought this might be a hindrance but it hasn’t been a noticeable obstacle although I sometimes have to swap sessions around. It gives me a real buzz completing a run and I’m keen to go further in terms of distance – I can’t wait for my first really long run. ”

If you would like to support Ais in her admirable challenge you can do so here.

We will be following Ais’ journey all the way to the end of the Ridgeway trail so stay tuned into for updates on this incredible feat.

Thanks to support from the girls at WMNRUN100 – A collective of women running, supporting, pushing. Dispersing boundaries with the strength in our legs.