We love featuring stories from intrepid, imaginative cyclists who aren’t professional athletes but who still go the extra mile and put their legs into it.

The Beat N’ Trail team consists of four friends who cycled from London to Dimensions Festival in Southern Croatia. As you can imagine, this is a pretty long way and a route that crossed seven countries and covered over 1,000 in two weeks.

What made Tom, Sarah, James and Henry’s adventure even more challenging was their complete lack of experience in long distance cycling. As a lot of us know, sometimes experience can be half the battle with huge long-distance feats like this; knowing what to expect and preparing yourself for what you might be feeling is a really helpful advantage. However, despite being mentally and physically unprepared, or even fully aware of how much it would demand of them, all four cyclists maintained their tenacity to carry their task to completion and learnt an awful lot along the way.

With a five-day ascent through the Alps and spending over 12 hours each day in the saddle, it was painful at times. Forced to learn along the way, the stages of development were clear to see. From overcoming the elements to peddling away their own self-doubt, these four friends went from being novice cyclists to experienced long-distancers!

The voyage was not all in vain either, the team set out with an initial target of raising £7,500 for two charities – The Back Up Trust, and The Steve Reid Foundation – but ended up raising over £20,000 and reaching Croatia on time for the arrival party!

‘The Road Was Empty’ is a short film that follows these four friends from London to Croatia. You can donate to their causes and also check out more of their story on their website:


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