Queen of the Mile is very much a labour of love which rewards me in opportunity and life experience as well as being a wonderful creative outlet for a frustrated writer like me. One of the opportunities it brought me recently was to work on a series of short films with GoPro and friend and female adventurer, Sophie Radcliffe. In May we set off on a cycling journey across Britain that began at the Irish Sea at Whitehaven and ended at the North Sea at Tynemouth. We were accompanied by talented film maker Laurence Crossman-Emms and his crew mate Duane Walker who captured our journey through the Lake District and the Pennines.
The whole experience was incredible and I am very proud of being involved in a project that champions the idea of grabbing your mates and heading off on a simple but rewarding adventure. I hope it will empower other women especially to pump up their tyres and get on the road. The first episode has been viewed over 1 million times already on Facebook and I will be adding the other films on this blog as they come out over the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy them!

Episode 1 – Introduction


Episode 2 – Through the Lake District

Episode 3 – Climbing up the Pennines

Final Episode – Arriving in Tynemouth

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