Photographs by Angus Sung for Hiplok

A couple of months ago I got the opportunity to work with Hiplok who have pioneered a set of bike locks that redefine conventions of security. As a commuter I often lugged around a cumbersome lock in my backpack that weighed as much me and spent ages wrapping my bike around a railing only to find my lock just wouldn’t  fit. Hiplok have created a range of products that solve all those issues.


They asked me to be part of the look book for their new range of locks, wanting to use someone who was comfortable on a bike rather than a professional model. As such myself and former World Cup downhill racer, Jonny Cheetham (far more experienced a rider!) spent the day pedalling different bikes around London to showcase the new range.

A quick word about my modelling capabilities. I have none. My cousin always calls me The Smorgaborg in photos because I look as stiff as a Swedish platter of cold meat and pickles so I was concerned as to how the photos would turn out. However, I now know that if you stick me on a bike, I completely forget there’s a photographer in front of me and look much less wooden!


The thing I love about my job as a freelancer is that I have no idea what I’ll be doing from week to week. Whilst that does summon the odd bout of fear, it also means that I get opportunities to work with brands like Hiplok who are coming up with some really great solutions for us cyclists. Spending the day with them made me realise how much work goes into creating products like these. It all starts with a genuine passion for cycling.


I was really happy that London was chosen as the location for the shoot. From my perspective, this is my city and it’s even more cool if you see it from two wheels. From Hiplok’s perspective, there is no doubt that your bike will get nicked if you leave it without adequate security in this metropolis. My favourite lock was the Hiplok Lite which is the one you can see me wearing around my hips above. The fact that you are wearing it means that the weight is entirely distributed and it doesn’t compromise how you ride. Rather than fumbling about in your bag, you can just whip it off and wrap it round your bike.


Hiplok let me ride three different bikes that day so I could take on the guise of different types of London cyclist. I think I am definitely a roadie at heart but I did enjoy the bright yellow Pure Fix and the lady-like, sit-up-and-beg Foffa (although the way I rode it round a corner in Holborn probably indicates it’s a bit too dainty a match for me!)


I really recommend checking out the range from Hiplok, I am so impressed with what they’ve done with the latest editions in terms of style, security and comfort and will enjoy watching the company grow.

Whilst we’re here, I thought I would share a few things I love about spinning around the capital.

Things I love about cycling in London

  • The coffee
  • The style
  • The excitement
  • The freedom
  • The back-street know-how
  • The many different types of cyclist (road, commuter, fixed, Boris..)
  • How you can live here all your life and yet on a bike you’ll always find something new
  • The pace of early morning laps in Regents Park
  • The peace of early morning laps in Richmond Park
  • The happiness of the blokes in the bike shop when you start talking about cassettes and stem sizes
  • The comraderie between cycling buddies
  • Avocado on toast
  • Pulling up next to people you know at the traffic lights
  • Cycling past tube stations
  • Arriving at meetings un-coiffed and covered in oil