Every Mile is a Victory

Welcome to Queen of the Mile for those that love running and road cycling and consider every mile as a personal victory. Brought to you by Lorna North and some inspiring contributors.


Cycling from London to Liverpool

My next challenge will be to cycle from Manchester to London. This is a whopping 220 miles in the saddle. To prepare Kitty, Kati and I pedalled our way from London to Liverpool.

5 ways I broke out of my running rut

I think I was in a running rut from about April 2013 until the beginning of March 2015. It began just after the London Marathon after not getting the time I was hoping for. Instead of just patting myself on the back for even finishing my first marathon, I instead...

My mum’s update on training for her first ultra marathon at 64yrs

My mum and I are training for a 100km ultra marathon on the 11th July. The event is called Race to the Stones and will take us along the Ridgeway, one of England’s oldest trails. Mum, or Ais, is raising money for The Friends of Charing Cross which is a charity that...

Quick review | The Wahoo ELEMNT

A quick review of the Wahoo ELEMNT GPS tracker for cyclists. Keeping you on course and on target during your training rides.

Sophie Bubb on winning her Ironman distance triathlon 7 months after giving birth

Images: Sophie Bubb A few weeks ago at the launch of the new KitBrix winter accessories, I was introduced to a lady called Sophie Bubb and her husband Nick. Sophie had recently won Challenge Weymouth, the ETU Long Distance Triathlon Championships which is an 'Ironman'...