Every Mile is a Victory

Welcome to Queen of the Mile for those that love running and road cycling and consider every mile as a personal victory. Brought to you by Lorna North and some inspiring contributors.


London Marathon: How being a sceptic got me a PB

A good result for my third marathon and one that was entirely unexpected.

Bowndling | ‘We believe hiking deserves better clothing’

Occasionally I like to feature brands that are doing something really special for women in the world of outdoor and endurance sports. One of these that I've been meaning to write about for a while is a trailsport clothing brand named Bowndling who make premium hiking...

How I am mentally preparing for the Zurich Half Ironman

There is the slight whiff of fear in the air as I have just realised that the half Ironman distance triathlon in Zurich that we signed up for over a year ago is but two weeks away. As with many novice triathletes, the thing that is causing me the most anxiety is...

Paddleboarding 50 miles down the Thames

As adventures go this is as simple as it gets. Two friends, two boards, a tent and other survival items, slowly paddling in the direction of London on the ancient Thames.

Espresso and Chocolate Energy Balls – for the endurance athlete

A guest post and exclusive recipe for Queen of the Mile by Lucy Pemberton Platt. On my quest for sweets-without-sugar, I fell in love with chocolate energy balls and now I can’t imagine my life without them.  These dinky little snacks are easy to make, they taste...