Every Mile is a Victory

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5 reasons I love Winter running in London

There is a strong association with the winter months and staying inside. As soon as the clocks go back the windows shut and all those good outdoor habits from the light summer months are put into boxes until next year. I am fortunate to live in London which, in my...
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5 ways I broke out of my running rut

I think I was in a running rut from about April 2013 until the beginning of March 2015. It began just after the London Marathon after not getting the time I was hoping for. Instead of just patting myself on the back for even finishing my first marathon, I instead...
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Out of my Comfort Zone – Riding with Women’s Pro-Cycling Team, Wiggle High5

It was a Friday afternoon, business was slow and I was staring out of the window of my home office counting down the hours to a time when it was socially acceptable to crack open a beer. Suddenly I heard the ping of my email and saw an incoming message from my editor...
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Why I Don’t “Train” Anymore

Andrew and I were standing on the Metro platform looking at each other doubtfully. "This is going to be a joke" I said as I broke off the end of a baguette and shoved it in my mouth. I was referring to was the Paris Half Marathon that we were sleepily making our way...
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Sophie Bubb on winning the ETU Long Distance Triathlon Championships only 7 months after giving birth

Images: Sophie Bubb A few weeks ago at the launch of the new KitBrix winter accessories, I was introduced to a lady called Sophie Bubb and her husband Nick. Sophie had recently won Challenge Weymouth, the ETU Long Distance Triathlon Championships which is an 'Ironman'...
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