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Quick review | The Wahoo ELEMNT

A quick review of the Wahoo ELEMNT GPS tracker for cyclists. Keeping you on course and on target during your training rides.

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Knowing when to stop cycling when your body says ‘no’

In an age where we are constantly striving to go the extra mile and achieve everything before 9am - it's key to point out that it's OK to have an off-day once in a while. In fact, it's probably quite healthy. In this post, Rebecca shares her story about admitting...
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How to prepare for your triathlon through visualisation

Rebecca Porter talks us through how she visualises her goal in order to have a great race. I spend hours in the gym and on the road training for triathlons. I think I can safely say that I am in the best physical shape of my life and I’m feeling pretty good about...
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Getting ready to run 184 miles of the Thames Path from source to barrier

Two weeks ago I suddenly realised there is only one month left of 2016 and therefore just enough time to squeeze in one last challenge for the year. So on Monday 5th December, I'm going to run alongside the River Thames from its source near the Cotswolds to London's...
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Swimming in an historic, formally derelict, Soho pool with an incredible past

Photo credit: Elizabeth Finnis

Three of my greatest loves in life are running, cycling and history. I get carried away by anything that is old and has a story associated with it.

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